How To Make A Holiday Angel Tree Choir

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Make This Angel Tree Decoration For Christmas

Christmas just isn't Christmas without a choir. Here's a holiday craft angel choir you can build for yourself, adding a nice touch to your Christmas decorations.

The little angels in this choir don't actually sing, but they do sport bells and pretty faces and decorations. You'll have fun making this little choir of angels.

Supplies for the Little Angels

Above you see the parts needed to build your own Christmas holiday angel choir like that pictured in the inset.

A larger angel sits atop the tree as the choir director, and each little angel hanging from the branches has it's own tingly bell.

The parts for required for the angels are:
  • Four 1" candle cups.
  • Four 5/8" wooden balls.
  • Four 5/8" candle cups.
  • Four 1/2" wooden balls.
  • Four sets of golden wings.
  • Four 5/8" bells.
  • Four 3/8" bells.
  • Four 1 1/2" wide wooden hearts.
  • A 1 1/2" candle cup.
  • A 1 1/4" wooden ball.
  • A 3" wooden heart.
  • A golden chinelle stem.
  • Some Curly doll hair (different colors if you like).
  • In addition, you'll need a base, and if you use a lazy Susan as I did, you can get one at a convenient department store.

    Amazon Craft Supplies

    Amazon Craft Supplies

    Making the Angel Bodies

    Pictured is the first step in making the big angel.

    The Body is the large candle cup, with the large heart glued to the back for wings.

    The large wooden ball is glued on to make a head.

    The small angels use the same design, but use the small candle cups and wooden balls, and the small hearts.

    Construction of the mid-sized little angels is different only in that purchased gold wings are used instead of hearts.

    Making the Small Little Angels

    Paint the small little angels, and if desired, add some glitter.

    Tie a piece of twine to a small bell, and thread the twine through the angel body and head. Glue a bit of the twine to the head to hold the bell in place. Snip off the excess twine. (The angel hair will cover the glued end of twine)

    Also glue the end of a piece of chinelle stem and insert into the top of the head to make a hanger.

    Glue hair onto the little angels and draw a face with a fine-point felt tip pen.

    Pieces of chinelle stem formed into small circles are used to make halos for the angels.

    Making the Mid-Sized Little Angels

    The mid-sized angels have golden wings instead of heart wings. You could use larger hearts for wings instead if you wish.

    As with the small angels, use a threaded twine to hang the bells (the larger ones). Also, glue pieces of chinelle stem into the top holes to make hangers.

    Add curly doll hair to cover the twine and decorate the little angels.

    Draw on faces with a fine-point felt tip pen, and add chinelle stem halos.

    Making the Choir Leader Angel

    Shown is an example of how the big angel can be decorated.

    As with the smaller angels, it has curly doll hair and a golden halo to top of its head.

    This darling also has a sequin glued to its chest, and some lace ribbon glued around the base of the candle cup.

    A face is drawn on with felt tip pen, and a golden collar finishes off the little angel.

    This angel will sit atop of the finished angel tree, as shown in the image.

    Parts for Making the Angel Tree

    The above image shows the parts used to make the tree for the Christmas angel choir.

    The base is an inexpensive lazy Susan tray, about 10" in diameter. If you don't wish the base to turn, you can substitute a wooden disc for the base.

    You'll also need a 1/2" dowel a foot long.

    A doll pin stand will be used to mount the 1/2" dowel.

    Two 1/8" dowels will be used to make tree branches.

    Construction the Angel Tree

    To make the angel tree, drill two 1/8" holes through the 1/2" dowel about 4" from the top. The holes should be at right angles, one above the other by a 1/2" or so.

    Drill two more holes in the same way about 4" from the bottom of the 1/2" dowel.

    Glue two 6" lengths of small dowel in the top holes, and two 8" lengths of small dowel into the bottom holes.

    Glue the doll stand onto the center of the base, and when dry, glue the large dowel into the doll stand. You'll have to brace it until dry to keep it properly vertical.

    Paint the base and tree with your desired colors.

    The Finished Little Angel Tree Choir

    Mount the big angel to the top of the tree.

    Hang the little angels to the top branches.

    Hang the mid-sized angels to the bottom branches.

    If you wish, you can embellish the base with lace or some other material as shown in the image.