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How to Make a Little Angel Christmas Tree Ornament

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Make This Hanging Angel Ornament For Your Christmas Tree

Nearly every Christmas tree has an angel. But nothing says it must have only "one" angel.

With simple parts and simple tools, you or your children can make the pretty little angel ornament described on this web page, and use her as a charming ornament to decorate your Christmas tree.

Angel Ornament Supplies

Angel Ornament Supplies

With only the parts shown above, you can make the pretty little angel ornament shown in the inset.

The parts you'll need are:
  • A pair of golden wings.
  • A 1 1/4" diameter wooden flower pot.
  • A 3/4" diameter wooden ball with center hole.
  • Some curly doll hair.
  • A small bell, about 1/2" diameter.
  • A golden chinelle stem.
  • Some sequins (three shown here).
  • Some beaded fringe.
  • To find the parts, search for wood balls, wood flower pot, curly doll hair, bells, chinelle stems, fringe, gold craft wings, and sequins.

    Making the Angel Body

    The image at left shows a front and back view of a partially finished little angel ornament.

    The body is an inverted wooden flower pot, painted and coated with glitter.

    The gold wings (or 2" heart or boa feather wings) are glued to the back of the little angel.

    The 3/4" wooden ball is attached to the flower pot as a head. It is painted the flesh tone you desire. Be sure to align the hole in the ball with that in the flower pot.

    The face can be painted on with a felt tip pen.

    In this example, a couple of decorative sequins are added to the back of the little angel.

    Finishing the Little Angel Ornament

    At left is a picture of a finished angel ornament.

    A loop of ribbon was threaded through the hole in the top of the head and tied with a knot. The length of ribbon beyond the knot was long enough to allow the bell to be tied.

    Glue was placed on the knot, and then the loop pulled up to glue the knot inside the flower pot.

    The head was covered with lengths of overlapping curly doll hair.

    On top of this was placed a halo, made from a loop of gold chinelle stem.

    Around the waist of the angel was fastened a length of beaded fringe.

    A large heart-shaped sequin was attached to the front of the little angel.

    Now the little angel is ready to be placed hanging on a branch of the tree, and proudly display her glittery charm.