How To Make A Miniature Wood Craft Car

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What You Need to Make a Miniature Car

The image at left shows what parts you'll need to make the miniature woodcraft car shown in the inset.

The parts you'll need are:
  • A wooden block 1" on a side.
  • Five thin wooden rectangles 1" by 1/2".
  • Four thin wooden squares 1/2" by 1/2".
  • A jumbo craft stick.
  • A 1/8" diameter wooden dowel.
  • Four washers (optional) that will slip over the dowel.
  • Four 3/4" diameter wheels.
  • Four 3/8" diameter pony beads.
  • An empty thread spool 1/2" in center diameter.
  • A 1/4" thick piece of balsa wood 1 1/2" by 2 1/2".

  • In addition to the craft parts, you'll need some wood glue and paint, and a craft saw, craft knife, or Dremel tool to do some minor wood cutting. If you decide to use the washers, they're available at any hardware store. You can probably find a suitable spool in your sewing supplies.

    If this woodcraft toy car is for a youngster to make, consider the wood craft car kits featured at left.

    car axle image

    First, Add the Axles

    As illustrated above, the toy craft car axles are made by cutting two 2 3/4" lengths of 1/8" dowel.

    Glue these axles to the bottom of the 1/4" thick rectangle as shown. Be sure the axles are square to the rectangle side, and about 1/4" from the ends of the rectangle.

    car initial construction

    Building the Miniature Car Body

    Shown above is a front and rear view of the partially assembled miniature craft car.

    Notice that the thread spool is the car's engine. Cut an end piece off of the jumbo craft stick that is long enough to extend from the bottom of the car base to about 1/4" above the thread spool. Glue the jumbo craft stick centered to the front of the miniature craft toy car base.

    Glue the thread spool centered to the jumbo craft stick as shown.

    Glue the wooden block to the miniature toy car base and the rear of the thread spool.

    Now glue the four thin wooden rectangles in a stack to the craft car base, just behind the wooden block.

    finished miniature car

    Finishing the Miniature Craft Toy Car

    The illustration above shows the finished miniature craft car from both a front and a rear view.

    You can see the finishing touches. Two of the 1/2" thin squares of wood are glued to the front of the block, and one on either side closest to the front of the car. The remaining thin rectangle is glued to the back of the block, close to the top. These are all painted silver to like reflecting windows.

    The wheels are painted black. Slip a washer over each axle, then slip the wheels over the axles. Glue on the pony beads to keep the wheels in place. Don't get glue on the wheels or they won't be able to freely rotate.

    In this case, the car itself is painted blue, with the engine painted black. Of course, you may choose any colors you like.

    A small silver door handle was painted on the sides of the block in this example. You may want to paint on more decorations as well.

    Since the wheels are designed to rotate, the little craft car is now ready to transform into a fun toy for boy or girl.