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A Baby Chick Craft For Easter

A lot of people give little baby chicks as Easter gifts. They are cute, there is no denying that. Of course, they grow up to be chickens, not particularly good pets.

How about this year making a cute little Easter chick with your own hands, and giving that instead? Or better yet, help your youngster craft this Easter chick. It's fun, cute, and never grows up.

Easter Chick Supplies

Supplies for Making an Easter Baby Chick

If you follow the instructions on this page, you'll end up with a cute little Easter chick like that shown in the inset. The craft supplies, as shown in the image, are very simple materials.

To Make The Easter Chick, You'll Need:
  • One 2" diameter styrofoam ball.
  • One 1 1/2" diameter styrofoam ball.
  • A pair of wiggle eyes.
  • Two 1/2" diameter wooden balls with center holes.
  • One 3/4" pointed wooden oval (to make a beak).
  • Two 3/4" long wooden flower petals (for feet).
  • A 1/8" diameter dowel (for legs).
  • A toothpick.
  • Some yellow bump chenille.
  • Glue, paint, and an optional ribbon.
  • The styrofoam balls are available in packages, and so are the little wooden shapes used for the little chick's feet and beak. I usually order these parts in the assortment packages, which gives me flexibility in scaling the size of my craft, and provide parts to stimulate my creative urges.

    Making the Easter Chick's Body

    Easter Chick Body

    The body and head of the little Easter Chick are composed of the two styrofoam balls. To attach them together, put glue on the toothpick and push it into the two balls. Put some additional glue on the ball surfaces that touch.

    In the image the balls are glued together and partially painted.

    Adding the Chick's Legs and Beak

    Easter Chick Legs and Beak

    To make the little chick's beak, cut the pointed wooden oval in half. Then put some glue on the cut edges and force them into the styrofoam as shown in the image above.

    The legs are made from two pieces of 1/8" dowel cut to about 1 1/2" long. Put glue on one end of each leg and push into the styrofoam about 1/2".

    Add a bit of glue to the feet end of the legs and slide on the wooden balls, then glue on the wooden flower petals as feet.

    To make the chick able to stand, lean the chick in an upright position against a brace while the feet are drying. This will insure that the feet sit flat.

    Adding the Chick's Wings and Leg Feathers

    Easter Chick Wings

    Complete painting the little Easter chick before adding the feathers, which are made from the yellow bump chenille. I used yellow for the chick's body, head, and feet, and orange for the beak and legs.

    Cut two lengths of the thinner parts of some bump chenille and glue around the top of the chicks leg (one was done in the image).

    Cut two lengths of the thicker parts of some bump chenille and glue around the chick's ankles (one was done in the image).

    Cut two lengths of bump chenille that are long enough to encompass complete lengths of the thicker portion and a 1/4" or so of the thinner portion on each end. Bend into a U shape as in the image, and glue and push the ends into the chick's sides as wings.

    Finishing the Little Craft Easter Chick

    Finished Easter Chick

    The little Easter chick is nearly done. All that's needed are a couple of wiggle eyes, glued to the head as shown.

    This little chick also has a length of 1/8" red ribbon tied on as a decorative collar. I'm sure you can think of something even prettier.