Make This Easy To Craft Dog Leash Hanger

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Make This Handy And Decorative Dog Leash Hanger

You know how it is, your dog wants to go for a walk, and you can't remember where you put the dog leash.

Well fret no more. You can solve that problem and enjoy another wood craft project at the same time by making the dog leash hanger described on this site. Model it after your own dog, or after any dog picture you like. You'll find it a nice wall decoration, and a handy place to hang your dog leashes, collars, and maybe even dog sweaters.

Wood Craft Parts For Dog Leash Hanger Project

To start your project, you'll need the following parts:

  • An outline of your favorite dog breed.
  • Five 1 inch long wooden mug pegs.
  • Two 2 inch long wooden mug pegs.
  • Two picture hangers.
  • A piece of poster board.
  • A piece of pine board 12 inches x 18 inches x 1 inch thick, or a similar sized piece of plywood.

  • Shown above are all the construction materials short of the wood base.

    In addition to the construction parts, you'll need a saber saw or scroll saw, a hand drill or electric drill, a screwdriver, some paint, and paint brushes.

    If you can freehand draw, you can sketch out your own dog pattern. Another option is to take a few pictures of your own dog, then pick one for a pattern. Or, you can go to a Public Domain Dog Clip Art page and obtain an image you like.

    If you have an opaque projector, you can project your selected image onto a poster board, making it any size you like. Or, you may digitize the image and blow it up and print it with your computer, though you may need to print half your dog profile on one piece of paper and the other half on another piece in order to get a big enough pattern. Which ever way you choose, cut out the resulting pattern to get your doggy template.

    Transfer The Dog Pattern To Your Wooden Base.

    Dog Outline Transfered To Dog Leash Base Board

    Next, take the dog pattern and tape it to the wooden base that's to become your dog leash project. Trace around the pattern to transfer the shape to the wooden base.

    In this illustration, the lines are enhanced for clarity, but the original lines were only dark enough to provide sufficient visibility for sawing.

    When the pattern has been satisfactorily transfered to the wooden base, saw out the dog shape with either a saber saw or a scroll saw. Sand the sawed edges until they are smooth.

    Sketch In The Dog Details On The Wooden Dog Cutout

    Sketched In Dog For Dog Leash Wood Craft Project

    Once the dog shape has been cut and sanded, sketch in details of the dog for the painting step. Add whatever level of detail you desire, but keep in mind the image can be rather simple and still be very decorative.

    Again, in this illustration the lines have been enhanced to provide better clarity. The original lines were just dark enough to provide guidelines for painting.

    Paint In The Details Of Your Dog

    Painted Dog Leash Project

    Once the details you desire are rough sketched onto the wooden doggy cutout, paint them with the colors you want. In the above example, I painted the Dachshund cutout the colors of my little wiener dog. Once painted, you can mark where you want to mount the pegs for holding the doggy's things. Then carefully drill holes for the mug pegs and glue the pegs in place. Finally, paint the mug pegs to match, and add wall hangers to the back.

    I suggest that you use two wall hangers so that the wood craft dog leash project will stay straight as you hang and remove your dog's items.

    More Dog Leash Project Examples

    Brown Version Of Dachshund Dog Leash Hanger
    Chihuahua Dog Leash Hanger

    Above you see some more examples of dog leash hangers. On the top is a completed brown colored Dachshund dog leash hanger. Note that you can see the leash pegs.

    On the right you see a Chihuahua dog leash hanger, complete though the painting stage. The Chihuahua version shown does not yet have leash hanging pegs, and will probably have less of them because of the shorter dog pattern.

    In both of these examples, you can see that I've painted in collars on the dogs. That's certainly an optional measure that you may not wish to consider. Feel free to make your decorative and functional dog leash hanger to your liking, with your choice of dog type, color, and detail.

    And next time your puppy is ready for a walk, you'll know right where to go to get the leash, collar or doggy sweater, with no delay.