How To Make An Inexpensive Dollhouse Cottage

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Build This Inexpensive Yet Durable Dollhouse

dollhouse side view

Many of the visitors to this craft website come to find out about miniature dollhouse furniture.

I decided to show how to build an inexpensive, light, and portable dollhouse that's just the size for most of the furniture and toy dolls described on pages of this craft site.

Any little girl would enjoy helping build this inexpensive craft project, and playing hours upon end with it when the construction is complete.

As this picture shows, this beauty has a handle to make transport easy, and is so light that I actually have picture frame hooks on the back, and I hang my little dollhouse on the wall.

Quaint and Deceptively Roomy For Its Size

dollhouse closed dollhouse opened

From the front this miniature has the charm of a small cottage. The front doors are hinged and held closed with a small latch.

Enticing front windows (described later) decorate the front of the dollhouse.

Open the doors to find several rooms of easy living for dolls the size of the Girl Doll shown on another craft page.

You can see that this little cottage is furnished with furniture, much of which is described in the wood craft sections of this website.

Dollhouse Parts Layout

Dollhouse Construction Layout

At left you see a parts layout for the pieces used to construct the dollhouse cottage.

These parts are all cut from 3/16 inch thick sheets of foam board. I've found this foam board to be the perfect material for the construction of the little dollhouse cottage. It is very light, very strong, and easily cut with a craft knife .

The following table shows the dimensions of each piece:

Back 16 inches wide at bottom
10 inches wide at top
12 inches high to point where taper begins
16 1/2 inches high total.
Doors 8 inches wide at bottom
5 inches wide at top
12 inches high to point where taper begins
16 1/2 inches high total
Sides 11 5/8 inches tall
6 inches wide (deep)
Top and Bottom Floors 16 inches long
6 inches wide (deep)
Middle Floor 15 5/8 inches long
6 inches wide (deep)
notched at back for braces
D1, D2 room dividers 5 3/4 inches tall (trim to size)
6 inches wide (deep)
notched at back for braces
Left and Right Roof 7 1/2 inches long
6 inches wide
Roof 10 inches long
6 inches wide

Additional Materials

You'll need these materials to complete the Cottage Dollhouse

3/8 inch thick balsa wood strips Used for support (bracing) for the walls, top, bottom, and mid-floor
1/16 inch thick balsa wood Cut to frame dollhouse window panes
Craft paper or fabric scraps Used to make dollhouse window curtains
4 small cabinet hinges Used to attach doors to cottage sides
One Small Cabinet Handle Used if desired to make transport easy
5 thin wood shapes 4 similar to hinge size, used to support hinge attachment
One large enough to help support the handle
1 small clasp Used to hold doors shut
Dollhouse Shingles Used to decorate roof and front windows

Use this handy craft-customized search engine to find your crafting materials:

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Click Here For the Cottage Dollhouse Construction Details.