How to Make a Christmas Elf Ornament

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A Christmas Elf Ornament

It isn't fair to leave Santa to do all the work at Christmas without his army of elves.

On this web page is an elf craft project you can make to give Santa support. It's a hanging ornament, and will make the job of spicing up your Christmas tree a bit less of a load for old Santa.

It's so easy to make, you might want to create several.

Christmas Elf Ornament Supplies

Christmas Elf Ornament Supplies

Above is shown the supplies you'll need, short of glue and paint, for making a Santa's elf.

As you can see from the inset, this is a very cute little fellow, and making him is pretty easy. If you intend this to be a kid craft, you might need to drill a couple of holes first, then the rest can be assembled by a child.

Here's what you need to make Santa's elf
  • Some Twine
  • A 5/8 inch wood flower pot
  • A 3/4 inch wood ball
  • A 3/4 inch diameter wood candle cup
  • A 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch wood gingerbread man shape (optional)
  • Four 3/8 inch diameter wood balls with center hole
  • Two 5/8 inch to 3/4 inch long wood ovals
  • A 1 inch long wood shape pointed on the ends
  • A small jingle bell
  • Two toothpicks
  • A piece of red felt
  • A candy cane colored chenille stem (optional)
  • A red chenille stem
  • A 1/8 inch diameter wood dowel
  • Like with many of my wood projects, on this one I make heavy use of small wood shapes that come in wood shape assortments. A bag or two of these gives incredible crafting possibilities. If you shop for them, look for wood shapes.

    The Elf Body and Pointed Ears

    Christmas Elf Ears

    The first step in construction is to make the little elf's body. As shown in the above illustration, the body is composed of the large wood ball glued to the inverted candle cup.

    The ears for Santa's elf are made from a wood shape that is oval, but with pointed ends. Simply cut the shape in half as illustrated to make the two pointed ears.

    Glue the cut halves of the wood shape to either side of the elf's head, pointed end up.

    How to Make the Christmas Elf's Arms and Legs

    Christmas Elf Arms and Legs

    The most difficult step in the construction of the Christmas elf is adding the arms and legs.

    To do this, first drill two holes in the candle cup body. As you can see in the above illustration, the hole nearest the head will be for the arms, and the other hole will be for the legs. Drill the holes about 1/4 inch from the ends of the candle cup.

    Cut two 1 inch long pieces of the 1/8 inch dowel to make elf arms. Drill small holes about 1/4 inch from one end of each arm -- large enough to allow insertion of a toothpick.

    Cut two 1 1/4 inch long pieces of the 1/8 inch dowel to make elf legs. Drill small holes about 1/4 inch from one end of each leg, also to allow insertion of a toothpick.

    Insert a toothpick through the shoulder holes of the candle cup. Apply some glue to the toothpick and candle cup where the toothpick exits the holes, and glue on the arms. Adjust the angle of the arms according to your desired pose before the glue dries.

    Holding the legs so that the leg holes line up with the hip holes, insert a toothpick through the hip holes and legs.

    Glue this toothpick where it exists the candle cup.

    When the arms and legs glue is dry, trim off the excess length of the toothpicks.

    Glue the small wooden balls onto the ends of the arms (for mittens) and legs. On the legs, be sure the wood balls are flush with the dowel end.

    Glue the remaining ovals onto the bottom of the legs to make the Christmas elf's feet.

    Finished Christmas Elf Ornament

    The Finished Christmas Elf Ornament

    Cut a piece of twine long enough to make about a 3 inch long loop.

    Tie a knot in the loop, and run the loop through a hole in the flower pot, and also through the jingle bell.

    Glue the knot up inside the flower pot, and then glue the pot onto the elf's head for a cute hat.

    Paint the elf what ever color you like. I used flesh tone for the head, with some felt tip pen work for mouth and eyes.

    The elf is painted green, with black feet.

    If you want, glue the gingerbread man to one hand, and a chenille candy cane to the other.

    A loop of red chenille around the legs and a collar of red felt complete your handsome Christmas elf.