How To Make A Faux Window

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How To Make A Decorative Faux Window

Do you have a bare wall in your apartment or home that needs something, but you're not sure what?

Why not add something better than a picture or a poster, why not add a new faux window!

Not a real window, but a fake window that at first glance is the real thing.

Just follow the instructions below and you'll have a new window in your room before you know it.

Faux Window with Curtains

Gather the Parts

This project may result in a sizable faux window, the dimensions are up to you. The parts you'll need are as follows:

Parts You'll Need for a Faux Window
  • A framed cork board the size of your desired window.

  • Some wood strips for framing the window panes.

  • Or, some wood edging tape for framing window panes.

  • Some decorator cloth of a scene you like.

  • Or -- a large scenic poster.

  • Or -- different colored wall paint to paint a scene.

  • Or, looking through some of my other favorite crafting material suppliers I was unable to find a single source for all of these crafting materials. I was able to find a few suppliers that had most of the parts, and a visit to two online suppliers will net all the parts you need.

    Click Here: To Find:
  • Moderate sized cork boards and wood strips
  • S&S Worldwide
  • Large cork boards, up to 4 feet by 8 feet
  • Decorator fabric and wood strips
  • Dick Blick Art Materials
  • Moderate sized cork boards and wood strips

    Step 1, Pick and Apply the Scenery

    cork board

    Once you've selected the size of decorative faux window you wish to make, you can get your parts and begin crafting.

    For a moderate sized window project, up to 2 feet by 3 feet, you can obtain a single framed cork board like the one shown in the image.

    With this size, once the scenery is attached, you can use wood strips or wood-grained edging tape to break the image up into faux window panes.

    With the size decided, choose a scene. You might wish to use a scenic poster, but I like cloth that has scenery on it. The cloth usually gives you a flat surface that looks more like a scene through a window, and you can select the section of decorator cloth that has the scene just the way you like it.

    Step 2, Select and Attach the Cloth Scenery

    If you use cloth scenery, select the section of cloth that contains the scene that you want.

    Use scissors or a craft knife to cut it to a size that is about 1/2 inch bigger in width and height than the inside edges of the cork board frame.

    With a thin instrument such as a nail file, putty knife, or butter knife, shove the excess edges of the cloth beneath the inside edges of the cork board. It will tuck in tightly, and be all that's needed to hold the cloth in place.

    If you use a scenic poster, you can lightly spray an adhesive to the cork board and press on the poster.

    Step 3, Apply Some Window Pane Separators

    Wood Strips for Window Panes

    Using either wood edging from a hardware store or wood strips from one of the online crafting material suppliers, cut some strips to act as faux window pane separators.

    For a simple 4 pane window, cut one length to go either the full width or height of your window. Glue it in place across the window frame centered along its length dimension.

    Cut two more to go from the cork board frame to this centered strip and glue them into place. You want to end up with 4 equal size rectangular faux window panes.

    The Finished Faux Window

    Finished Faux Window

    Above you see a finished faux window, with crafted frame and decorator cloth scenery. The original cork board frame and the wood strips have been painted white.

    This window has a small shelf attached to the wall at the base of the window to serve as a window sill. You can either make a simple window sill or purchase a little shelf like this one at a local department store.

    Faux Window with Curtain

    To dress up your window, you can add some curtains to the sides as shown at left, letting them drape over the window to whatever extent you wish.