Adding Floral Enhancements to your Craft Flower Bouquet

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The Floral Enhancements

To begin your plastic flower or silk flower bouquet, cut the flower stems to various lengths, depending upon the vase you've chosen.

When the craft flowers are ready, it's time to tune up the other floral craft materials.

I'll start with one of my craft material favorites, whip grass.

Shown above is a type of craft making grass usually sold on a stem containing several bundles of the grass. I like this type because the long leaves of grass are thin, and can be curled.

Breaking Apart the Grass

To make good use of the plastic whip grass, pull the bundles from the main stem.

As shown in the image, the smaller bundles can be used as is, especially ones with tassels.

Individual blades can also be pulled off and either placed around the crafted floral bouquet, or bound to other, less adorned flowers with floral tape.

The non-tassel stems of grass can be curled by dragging a thumbnail along the upper third of the length.

Note that this procedure doesn't work on all types, so check that what you try curling has the thin, curl-able blades.

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