Supplies for Making a Craft Flower Bouquet

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Here's What you Need

Shown above is the kind of materials you need to make a craft flower bouquet.

Starting at the top left of the image, the parts are:

Supplies for a Bouquet

  • Some 1/8" polyester ribbon for decorating the vase.

  • Some acrylic water or wonder water gel to fill the vase.

  • Some floral tape for making flower components.

  • A small vase. I find that a brandy glass is a good substitute.

  • A couple of rubber bands.

  • Varied plastic flowers and or cloth flowers and flower parts.

  • Some kind of filler for the vase, such as sand or pebbles.

  • You'll need glue in additional to the listed floral supplies.

    The acrylic water is a bit problematic to find, but it has been available at Floral Illusions.

    If you can't find acrylic water, you might consider using Wonder Water Gel instead.

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