How To Make A Craft Flower Bouquet

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Making a Craft Flower Bouquet
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The Finished Bouquet

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Welcome to my shredded ribbon flower craft page. Here I'll show those of you interested in flower crafts how to create a beautiful floral craft bouquet using plastic flowers, ribbon flowers, and decorative floral materials.

For this tutorial, the basic ribbon flowers I use are shredded ribbon flowers. There are numerous books available on how to actually make the ribbon flowers. I found the shredded ribbon design I like in the book Simply Shreds by Betty Kriedberg. Used copies of the book are available at ABEbooks.

Artificial Bouquet

Other types of ribbon flowers or plastic flowers could easily be substituted for the shredded ribbon flowers if you desire. I choose these because they gave me great control on the look of the flowers.

On this site I will show you how to use various kinds of artifical flowers and other floral enhancements to make beautiful flower bouquets like the one pictured.

By arranging colorful artifical flowers, and altering some with floral tape, floral wire, artificial leaves, and other enhancements, you can make arrangements that others will admire.

The resulting eye-catching bouquets can be placed in floral foam or Wonder Water Gel to get a no-maintenaince bouquet for ages. Wonder Water (a type of epoxy) gives the most permanent arrangement. Wonder Gel gives a water look, but allows the arrangements to be altered at a later time.

With these flower crafting techniques, you can make artifical floral arrangements that are fun to construct, beautiful to look at, and maintenance free. You'll enjoy creating variations of this craft bouquet, and find that it makes a great floral gift for those you love, and those special occasions.

I'll show you each step of the way with ample photographs, and point you to some sources of materials.

So if you're ready, let's make a craft flower bouquet. Just click on Next.

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