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Gathering the Final Touches

It's always fun to add a few non-flower components to dress up the artificial flower bouquet. This is a part the kid crafters like to do.

I usually add a few artificial butterflies, small artificial birds, plastic snails, etc. to give the floral bouquet some character.

These items are added once the acrylic water has totally hardened.

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Placement of Non-flower Enhancements

The image above shows how flowers might look with a few colorful plastic insects placed throughout. If you decide to use a few artificial insects and or small birds, choose ones whose colors augment the floral arrangement. Usually only a few of these are needed.

Dress up Beads

I like to make a collar of decorative ribbon and faceted beads to dress up my bouquets, like the one shown above.

You can purchase beads that are letters of the alphabet, and string the proper letters down one of the ribbon lengths to spell the name of the recipient of a gift floral bouquet.

For this collar to work, you need a vase like the one pictured on the Flowers home page that has a neck thinner than the body.

The Finished Bouquet

Congratulations. If you've followed these steps then you've created for yourself a beautiful bouquet of flowers of your choice.

You've used your artistic talents to flush out the floral arrangement with extras that give it character, and have a creation that reflects your skills and tastes.

And you have a bouquet that never needs care or watering, that can be put away, and pulled out later to reveal the same level of beauty it had the day it was made.

Pictured above is an arrangement, completed following these steps, that displays the fall colors.

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