Adding Leaves to Craft Flowers

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Augment Your Craft Flowers

To get the fullest looking ribbon flower, cloth flower, or plastic flower bouquet, you want to have the fullest flowers. Depending upon the flowers you use, you might wish to perk them up a bit.

You can put together an artificial flower bouquet purely from purchased plastic flowers or cloth flowers. I find that some crafted flowers can usually be crafted that out shine any inexpensive commercial ones. So I like to make a crafted flower the main component of the bouquet.

I like shredded ribbon flowers the most, like the one in the picture above. They are easy to make by using polypropylene ribbon and a ribbon shredder.

I like to dress up the ribbon flowers with extra leaves. The leaves that work easiest are ones with a hole in the center for the floral-wire flower stem.

The plastic leaves I used in this tutorial were obtained by removing them from some inexpensive plastic flowers. I used the remainder of the flowers for additional filler in the floral bouquet.

Leaves for the purpose are available at some craft stores that carry floral crafting supplies.

Once you've made the flowers, slide a plastic leaf flush to the floral tape at the bloom, and fasten in place with floral tape at the base of the leaf.

Flower with Added Leaf

As you can see by the image above, the shredded ribbon flower is improved by the addition of the plastic leaf. To get the crafted flower up to the level it needs to be for a flower bouquet, I usually add one or more leaves.

Adding a Second Leaf

To add a second plastic leaf to the crafted flower, wrap several turns of floral tape around the stem wire at the desired height of the leaf. Put enough tape so that the leaf can't slide over the tape.

A Complete Augmented Flower

When the second crafted flower is in position, wrap floral tape around the base as with the first plastic leaf to secure it.

Above is pictured a crafted flower with a couple of added leaves. Don't you think the artificial flower has much more body with the extra leaves?

If your floral craft needs more enhancement, you can try the leaf idea. Whether you need to enhance your flowers or not, you'll need about 15 of them to make a full bouquet.

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