Preparing the Craft Flower Bouquet Vase

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Select the Vase Fill Material

Once the floral craft arrangement is determined, I like to carefully lift the arrangement from the vase, then wrap a rubber band tightly around the bottom of the flower stems.

This is a personal choice, some crafters would rather have stems spread out in the vase.

Next, I select a material to use as a filler in the vase. I pick a material that is easy to work with, and will complement the floral bouquet I've crafted.

It isn't necessary to select anything other than the acrylic water, but if you have some filler material, it adds color and reduces the amount of acrylic water needed, allowing a box of the water to do two vases.

I like to use the colored sand as filler. It's easy to match a color of sand to the flower bouquet, complementing the flowers themselves.

Any non-clear filler also hides the rubber band used to tie the stems together.

Finally, sand is an easy material to push the flower stems into once the acrylic has been applied.

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Fun Filler for the Vase

You can turn your vase with acrylic water into a bit of an artificial aquarium with the addition of some fun sea items. Imagine an aquarium that never needs cleaning, or having the water changed.

Pictured above are a few craft material embellishments that can spice up your vase, including small starfish, sea horses, and fish.

If you choose to use these, consider using sand as the bottom filler for the vase. Then place the sea items around the edges of the clear vase, supported by the sand.

Add the acrylic water after the positioning of the sea items is finished.

Using the Acrylic Water

After a filler material is chosen and placed at the desired depth in the vase, it's time to add the acrylic water.

If you're using a bigger vase or not using a filler, it will take a full box of acrylic water to fill the vase.

If you're using a brandy glass sized vase with filler, one box of acrylic water can usually do two vases.

If you use the smaller vase with filler, note that it's best to prepare two floral arrangements and vases before opening the acrylic water. Once prepared, it cannot be saved for later.

Note that a few sea items are in the vase pictured above.

When the acrylic water is ready, pour it into the vase and over the filler until it has reached the desired depth (at least covering the filler as in the image).

Then push the flower stems into the water and filler until well seated.

Now set in a place with plenty of ventilation to dry. I use the work shop so the odor of the acrylic water doesn't permeate the house.

It takes up to three days for the acrylic water to finally harden.

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