How To Craft a Miniature Foam Board Dollhouse Bed

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Miniature Foam Board Bed Supplies

Using the inexpensive craft foam board, wood craft, and other crafting parts shown in the image, you can make a perfect miniature bed as shown in the inset. The dollhouse bed is just the right size for the Little Girl Doll.

This is a very simple craft, and the craft foam board is extremely easy to work with, cuttable with only a craft knife.

This is a great child craft project, but be sure to help with cutting the craft board and balsa wood strips.

The parts shown consist of:
  • Some 3/16 inch thick craft foam board.
  • A piece of 1/4 inch square balsa wood strip.
  • Some decorative cloth.
  • Some decorative lace.
  • A few thin wood shape pieces.
  • Some thin foam shapes (optional).
  • A convenient place to find the supplies for this project is Betchalikeit Craft Supplies.

    Amazon Craft Supplies

    Amazon Craft Supplies

    Consider using this miniature foam-board bed with the Girl Doll. The bed fits perfectly in the Doll House also featured on this site.

    You may also want to consider the miniature furniture, wishing well, and gazebo described in my book: Judy's Easy Craft Projects.

    Making the Bed Frame

    Miniature Dollhouse Foam Bed Frame

    The basic frame of the miniature dollhouse bed is made from the craft foam board. The crafting board can be cut with a sharp hobby knife.

    The foot of the dollhouse bed is a piece of foam board cut to 2 inches by 1 1/2 inches.

    The head of the bed is cut to 2 inches wide by about 3 inches high. If you wish, you can cut the top to be decorative.

    Cut two pieces of foam board to 2 inches wide by 5/8 inches high, and glue to the bottom edge of both the head and foot of the dollhouse bed. These will support the bottom of the bed.

    Cut a piece of craft foam board 2 inches wide by 4 inches long. Glue this between the head and foot of the bed, resting on the 5/8 inch strips.

    Finishing the Foam Board Bed

    Finished Miniature Dollhouse Foam Board Bed

    Cut four pieces of the 1/4 inch square balsa wood strip for bed corner posts. The two pieces for the foot of the furniture miniature should be about 2 inches long.

    The two pieces for the head of the dollhouse bed should be about 3 inches long.

    Glue on the balsa wood corner posts and let dry.

    Next, cut a piece of fabric the size of the dollhouse bed bottom, and glue on for a bed cover.

    If you like, cut some lace and glue along each side of the furniture miniature.

    Finally, paint some wood shapes and use as decorative pillows for the bed.

    In this example, I used a thin foam J shape to glue to the head of the bed. You can pick any letter or letters from a foam shape assorement, and personalize the bed for your little girl.

    The Finished Bed with a Wood Craft Girl Doll

    Finished Bed with Wood Craft Doll

    At left you see the finished miniature dollhouse bed with the wood craft girl doll sitting on it.

    As you can see, the bed is just right for the doll, as is most of the other miniature furniture on pages of this web site.