Miniature Dollhouse Chair Made From A Wood Cube

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Miniature Dollhouse Cube Chair Parts

Miniature Dollhouse Chair Supplies

Above you see the few components needed to make the pretty miniature dollhouse chair shown in the inset.

The parts for the wood cube chair are:
  • One 1 inch wood cube.
  • One 1 inch by 2 inch wood shape.
  • A strip of decorative cloth of your choice.
  • The only tools required are glue and paint, making this an easy child craft.

    The wood cube and rectangular shape are available in wood shape assortments available at Betchalikeit Craft Supplies. Look for wood shapes.

    Miniature Dollhouse Cube Chair Partially Assembled

    Assembling the Miniature Chair Wood Components

    The first step in building the cube wood chair is to glue the rectangular wood shape to the cube as shown in the above illustration. This makes a back for the chair.

    Next, paint the chair the colors you desire, then add a decorative cloth trim as an option.

    Finished Miniature Dollhouse Chair

    The Finished Miniature Dollhouse Chair

    The above illustration shows (far left image) the finished chair, the wood cube completely concealed by the cloth trim.

    The image on the left shows a pretty wood doll sitting on the chair. The doll is a perfect scale for the chair and other miniature furniture on this website. You can see the doll instructions at Miniature Doll.

    For additional crafts that are the perfect scale for the girl doll, you may want to check out my book Judy's Easy Craft Projects. It contains additional furniture on a compatible scale, and a wishing well and foot tall gazebo. Adding all this to the Doll House project makes a wonderful ensemble for any little girl.