How To Craft a Miniature Dollhouse Table

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Miniature Dollhouse Table

Make this fun woodcraft miniature table to dress up your doll house. It's a perfect kid craft that helps your child gain interest in crafting.

Miniature Table Supplies

The image above shows the simple components needed to make this arts and crafts miniature table shown in the inset.

The parts for the table are:
  • Three 1" diameter craft wheels.
  • A round or multi-sided wood piece 1 1/2" to 2" in diameter.

  • The only tools required are glue and paint, making this an easy child craft.

    These handy craft pieces are available in craft wood assortments. The wheels are a bit harder to find, but you can find all you need for this craft at Betchalikeit Craft Supplies store.

    Doll House Table

    Miniature Table Assembly

    As the image illustrates, crafting the miniature dollhouse table is a snap. Just glue the three wheels upon one another in a stack.

    Then glue on the circular or multi-sided wood piece for a top.

    Wait for the glue to dry.

    Finished doll house table

    Decorate the Miniature Table

    All that's left to do is paint or decorate your miniature table as you desire.

    Shown at left is a completed table, decorated entirely with paint. The rim of the table is given a thin, yellow coat for a nice trim.

    You may also want to check out my book: Judy's Easy Craft Projects for some additional miniature furniture plans. Included in the book are plans for a miniature gazebo and wishing well on a scale compatible with other furniture and the girl doll on this website.