How To Make a Miniature Wood Craft Gazebo

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Imagine having this endearing miniature gazebo for your very own. It makes a wonderful center placement for a table, and is perfect for decorating for a wedding.

Standing at one foot tall, it's just the size for the wood craft dolls pictured on my Girl Doll page as well.

You can see that some additional, different design miniature dollhouse furniture adorns this pleasant piece.

I've been creating and improving this wood craft gazebo for many years, and it has never failed to draw favorable comment. I've sold many, and given others away as gifts. It's one of my most sought after crafts.

While making the dollhouse scale gazebo is not complicated, it does require a number of steps -- too many to easily illustrate on a webpage.

You can purchase this instruction set for the gazebo and the other crafts in a fine 8.5 x 11 inch spiral-bound booklet. Because the book is spiral bound, it can be laid out flat on any instructional page, making it ideal for the crafter.