How To Make A Holiday Craft Halloween Ghost

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Boo! It's Time To Make Your Halloween Spook Decoration

If Halloween is just around the corner, you've little time to prepare. But there is good news. You have plenty of time to make several of these little holiday craft ghosts to decorate for your Halloween party, or just to hang outside the door to spook those little goblins.

Supplies for Making a Halloween Ghost

As you can see by the illustration above, the parts for making the spooky little ghost in the inset are few, simple, and inexpensive.

For one ghost, all you'll need are the following:
  • A white handkerchief.
  • A 1 1/4" diameter styrofoam ball.
  • A 1 3/4" or 2" diameter styrofoam ball.
  • Two toothpicks.
  • A piece of white bump chenille.
  • A length of string or ribbon.
  • A good place to get a cheap supply of handkerchiefs for this project is at your nearest 99 cent store.

    Amazon Craft Supplies

    Amazon Craft Supplies

    Making the Ghost's Body

    The the little ghosts' body is little more than a form to drape the handkerchief over.

    To make it, put glue on the ends of the toothpick and push it into the two styrofoam balls as shown. Also put a bit of glue on the balls where they make contact.

    Cut two lengths of the bump chenille and glue into the upper region of the large styrofoam ball, as shown.

    The chenille lengths make the arms, and you can bend them into whatever shape you wish.

    Finishing the Little Halloween Ghost

    To finish the ghost, first paint a ghoulish face on a section of handkerchief near the center before you wrap it over the styrofoam ball. If you try to paint the face after draping the handkerchief over the styrofoam ball, the paint tends to react with the ball.

    Next, drape the handkerchief over the small ball, and tie a string or ribbon around the neck (a ribbon was used in this instance).

    To make a hanger out of the little ghost,poke a hole through the handkerchief and into the top of the ghost's head with a toothpick. Put glue on the ends of a loop of string or ribbon, and push the loop ends into the hole with a toothpick. Break off the toothpick flush with the ghost's head.

    Now your little ghostly spirit is ready to swing in the breeze and scare (or at least entertain) your Halloween guests.