How To Make A Faux Window

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Make a Decorative Home Decor Craft

Not all crafting projects are just for fun. Some can be used to dress up a room in your home, or add functionality to some room. In this section you'll see crafts meant to add to your home in some way.

Perhaps you have a room that could use a decorative window. If you're not a carpenter or don't relish knocking a hole in your wall, consider the craft shown above -- a faux window.

Or, for example, perhaps you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. If so, consider makeing yourself a decorative craft that decorates your kitchen as well as add the function of an apron hanger.

Look through the list of items below and select one that you'd like to learn how to make.

Home Decor Projects
Faux Window
Apron Hanger
Dog Leash Hanger

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