Make a Miniature Dresser and Chairs


Miniature Dresser and Chairs Supplies

Pictured above are the components needed to build the charming arts and craft miniature dresser and chairs like the that in the inset.

This is another great kid woodcraft project in that the number of parts is minimal and assembly is simple. Most of the work and fun is in decorating the finished product. Children will have fun building the miniature dollhouse furniture pieces and then have fun playing with them afterwards.

All of the parts are wood craft pre-cut shapes, and the only other supplies needed are glue, paint, and decorative materials. You can find the parts in most craft stores, and for convenience you can order them online from Wood Crafting Materials.

The Supplies You’ll Need

  • Two wooden candle cups 3/4″ diameter.
  • Two wooden candle cups 5/8″ diameter.
  • Three wooden ovals 2″ long.
  • One wooden oval 1 1/2″ long.
  • Four wooden ovals 1″ long.
  • Two wooden circles 1/2″ diameter.
  • Two wooden gingerbread men 5/8″ to 1″ across.

The wood craft pieces are commonly available in craft wood assortment packages. Search for crafting wood shapes and see what assortment has most of what you like. You may find what you need online at Wood Shape Assortments. Again, use the search window to narrow down to choices you desire.

Consider using this furniture with the Girl Doll that you can also make with simple construction. And to top off your collection, consider making the little girl a Doll House to house the miniature furniture.

If having a full ensemble of compatible sized doll crafts is of interest, I suggest you see the additional furniture, wishing well, and miniature gazebo featured in my book: Judy’s Easy Craft Projects. These additional projects are also designed to be simple and fun to construct.  I’ve given a number of miniature gazebos away as gifts, and they are always appreciated.

Miniature Dresser & Chairs Construction

The illustrations above show the easy construction of the miniature dollhouse dresser and chairs. If appropriate sized wood shapes are used, there is little to do but glue your shape choices together.

This view of the dresser and one chair is from the back side, showing the bracing provided by the small oval pieces of wood. These will be hidden when the items are viewed from the front, but will give adequate bracing to the remaining parts.

For the dollhouse dresser, glue one of the large ovals on top of the two larger candle cups. The large oval makes a nice smooth dresser top.

I glued another oval on top of the first oval to give more depth to the top.

Glue a couple of small ovals vertically to the dresser top. These will form supports for the dresser back plate as shown in the illustration.

Glue the remaining large oval laying vertically to the upright small ovals. It will form the back of the dresser. We’ll paint silver on a smaller oval later and attach it to give it a mirror look.

For the dollhouse chairs, glue a small wooden oval to the side of a small candle cup so that the oval extends above the candle cup. When the glue on the brace piece is dry, glue a wooden gingerbread man to the part of the oval that extends above the candle cup.

Miniature Dresser & Chairs Front View

This illustration shows the dresser and a pair of craft chairs from the front. Notice that the two chairs each have a different sized piece used for the chair back. You can choose whichever size works best for you. You may find a shape in a wood shape assortment that you like better than the gingerbread man shape.

Notice that the small wooden circles are glued to the small candle cups to make seats for the miniature chairs.

Finished Miniature Dresser & Chairs

The above picture shows how the completed dresser and chairs might look. In this example, different colored paints were used for the basic decoration. You can go for any color scheme you desire.

The mid sized oval was glued centered in the upright oval of the dresser. The mid-sized oval was then painted silver to look like a mirror. An actual small mirror could be substituted instead if you are able to locate one or happen to have one.

Some gold fringe was added to the dresser to brighten it up.

A few sequins were added around the “mirror” of the dresser for a final embellishment.

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