Miniature Dollhouse Loveseat Project

Make This Easy Woodcraft Love Seat Project

Miniature Love Seat Supplies

Pictured above are all the supplies needed to make a miniature dollhouse loveseat like that shown in the inset. This dollhouse loveseat is constructed from simple wood craft materials. Some of the pieces will need to be cut, but many of the decorative pieces are just painted and decorated wood shapes.

You can get the supplies you need from a local craft store, or online at Crafting Supplies. Because of its simplicity, this wood craft project makes a great kid craft. Adult supervision is only needed where wood piece cutting is required.

The supplies needed are:

  • An 8″ length of 3/8″ diameter dowel.
  • Six 2 1/2″ long craft sticks.
  • Four wooden ovals or craft stick pieces 1″ long.
  • Some assorted wood shapes (for pillows).

I buy the craft sticks, wood dowels, and wood shapes in pre-packaged assortments. You can find some appropriate assortments online at wood crafting supplies.

If you decide to build this cute little loveseat, note that it works well with the Girl Doll and Doll House projects featured elsewhere on this blog.

You’ll also find compatible sized additional furniture, wishing well, and gazebo in my book: Judy’s Easy Craft Projects.

Making the Love Seat Assemblies

Only a few steps are involved in making this cute wood craft love seat. If a child is making it, you might want to supervise or assist with the cutting of the dowel lengths. A Craft Knife will work well for the thin wood cuts and a Craft Saw will be adequate for cutting the thicker dowel pieces.

To begin construction, first lay the six craft sticks in two parallel arrangements, 3 apiece. These will form the seat and back of the loveseat.  Glue two wooden ovals (or craft stick segments) onto each set so that the ovals sit across the 3 pieces. This will hold them together. These bracing pieces will not show as they will be on the bottom of the seat and behind the loveseat back.

Note, on the craft stick assembly that will become the “seat” of the loveseat, place the oval braces only about 1″ apart near the center, otherwise they will interfere with later construction.

Measure the width of the craft stick assemblies. Cut off six pieces of dowel such that their length is the same as the width of the craft stick assemblies.

Glue two pair of dowels together lengthwise as shown in the below illustration. These will become the base or feet of the loveseat.

Putting the Love Seat Together

Glue the craft stick seat assembly onto the the two pair of glued dowels as shown. You can see here why the bottom braces of the seat must not be so close to the end of the seat as to interfere with the placement of the dowel base.

Glue the remaining lengths of dowel on top of the assembly for the miniature dollhouse love seat arms.

Finally, glue the remaining craft stick assembly to the back of the wood craft loveseat as shown. You can see that the back-ends of the dowel “arm rests” allow a surface for attaching the loveseat back.  Make sure the oval supports are on the back side as shown.

Love Seat Back View

This image shows the back side of the assembled love seat. Note how the back is glued to the love seat arms (top dowels).

Add Some Colorful Pillows

The image above shows some wood shape pieces that came in a pre-packaged wood shape assortment. The shapes in this particular assortment were already colored. For scale, note that the squares are 1/2″ wide. If you can’t find any already colored shapes, you can easily paint some un-colored shapes the colors that you desire.

We’ll put these colorful pieces to work as substitute cushions and pillows for our finished dollhouse love seat.

The Finished Miniature Love Seat

Now you see the finished miniature dollhouse furniture piece, a colorful loveseat. This appealing miniature piece is complete with multi-color cushions and throw pillows made from the wood shapes.

Of course, this is only one possibilty of how to finish off the catchy miniature dollhouse love seat. I’m sure you’ll have even better ideas.

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