How to Make a Holiday Craft Mrs. Claus Hanging Ornament

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Make This Mrs. Santa Christmas Ornament

Santa wouldn't be nearly as awesome without his better half.

Follow the instructions on this web page to make your own Mrs. Claus.

Combine it with the Santa Claus ornament to have both Santa and Mrs. Claus decorating your Christmas Tree.

Mrs. Santa Supplies

Mrs Claus Ornament Supplies

As sure as Christmas presents bring visions of Santa, it brings visions of Mrs. Claus too.

This holiday craft version of Mrs. Claus is the perfect complement to the Santa ornament describe on the Santa webpage. Together the couple add just the spirit needed to the Christmas season as they decorate your Christmas tree.

Here's what you need to make Mrs. Claus
  • Two 3/4 inch diameter wood candle cups
  • A 1 inch diameter wood ball
  • A 5/8 inch diameter wood flower pot
  • A 3/8 inch diameter wood ball with center hole
  • Two 5/8 inch wide gingerbread men shapes (optional)
  • A toothpick (optional)
  • A doll pin stand
  • A white chenille stem
  • A red bump chenille stem
  • A white curly chenille stem
  • A 6 inch length of 1/8 inch ribbon (not shown)
  • On this project I used a couple of gingerbread men, which come in wood shape assortments.

    Amazon Craft Supplies

    Amazon Craft Supplies

    Mrs Claus Holiday Craft Hanging Ornament

    Making Mrs. Claus Body

    Mrs. Claus body is composed of two candle cups glued bottom to bottom as shown in the illustration.

    On one candle cup, glue the large wood ball, which will become Mrs. Claus head.

    On the other candle cup, glue the doll pin stand as shown.

    In this illustration, the basic paint colors have been added also.

    How to Make Mrs. Claus' Gingerbread Men

    Ginger Bread Toys

    If you choose to add the ginger bread men for Mrs. Claus to hold, you can make them as shown.

    Simply glue two ginger bread men wood shapes to a toothpick as shown.

    Then paint the toothpick and gingerbread men as you desire.

    Finished Mrs Claus Christmas Tree Ornament

    The Finished Wood Craft Mrs Claus Ornament

    To finish Mrs. Claus, first make a loop of ribbon about 3 inches long. Thread the loop through a hole in the flower pot and the small wood ball as shown. Tie a knot in the ribbon and glue the knot inside the flower pot.

    Glue the flower pot to Mrs. Claus head as a hat and paint.

    Paint a face on Mrs. Claus. You can use felt tip pen, small paint brushes, or even toothpicks for the fine detail.

    Glue curly chenille to Mrs. Claus head for beautiful hair.

    Make a collar out of some white chenille.

    Also glue some white chenille down the front of Mrs. Claus, and around the top of the doll pin stand.

    Glue on a couple of arms made of red bump chenille.

    If you use the gingerbread men, simply glue the toothpick to the bump chenille hands.