How To Make A Commemorative, Craft Plaque

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Favorite Pet Plaque

Make This Endearing Commemorative Plaque

If you want to honor or commemorate a person you're close to, or even honor a favorite pet, you can make a wood craft plaque like the one pictured at left.

The plaque shown above was created to commemorate one of our favorite pet dogs that passed away in 2007. Don't you think it honor's Skippy well?

The base part of the plaque is a wood plaque which has been stained and lacquered before additional parts were added.

The next major component is an image, if you like, of your person or pet.

Finally, you can use scrap booking materials to embellish and ornately label your craft plaque.

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Plaque and Face

Preparing the Plaque

Above you see picture a wood craft plaque and a textured craft paper face plate.

As you can see, the plaque in this case has already been stained on the edges. You could also stain the face and apply your picture and scrap booking materials to that.

I like to have a textured face on my plaques, so I cut a piece of textured craft paper to fit the face of the plaque. This textured craft paper makes a nice mat-like surface for the other components, and materials glue well to it.

Plaque with Face Attached

This image shows the stained wood plaque with the textured craft paper face attached.

Now it's ready for the rest of the materials.

For the finished plaque shown at the top of this page, the next important element was a photograph of our pet, Skippy.

Finishing a Wood Craft Plaque

Favorite Pet Plaque

After placing a photograph of Skippy in the center of the wood craft plaque, I coated the photograph with Mod Podge to protect it.

Next, I proceeded to embellish the surrounding area of the plaque with:

  • A leash, bordering the picture. The leash was in a scrap booking assortment

  • A cross, dog house, bone, fire hydrant, and other doggie goodies from a scrap booking assortment.

  • Numbers, used to show the birth and death dates of our little pet.

  • Letters and designs at the bottom, spelling out our pet's name.

  • Some larger letters at the bottom, spelling out Good Dog.

  • A gold braid around the the plaque, with a doggy pendant at the bottom.

  • Personal Commemorative Plaque

    Another Commemorative Plaque Example

    Shown above is another example of how to commemorate a loved one. In this case, an obituary with a photograph of the loved one are the center piece of the plaque, with remembrances associated with the loved one as decorations.

    For an artistic aging effect, I used a soldering iron to burn the edges of the obituary.

    Again, use Mod Podge to coat the photograph and obituary, which will give a lasting protective surface.

    This kind of commemoration can give you or someone you know years of comfort.

    It's easy to do, so give it a try.