How To Make A Wood Craft Santa Claus Ornament

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Get Ready For Christmas With This Craft Santa Ornament

Before you know it, it'll be time to decorate your Christmas tree, if you're into that holiday.

Sure, you can use all store-bought ornaments if you like. But wouldn't it be fun to hang a few ornaments made by you, your children, or grandchildren?

This little Santa Claus project gives you instructions for making a cute little Santa standing about 4" tall that can hang proudly from your holiday tree.

In fact, this easy craft is so simple to make you can have several Santas hanging from your tree.

Supplies for Making a Santa Ornament

You can use the supplies shown in the accompanying image to make the cute little jolly Santa Claus shown in the inset.

It's an easy craft to complete, and makes a fun Christmas craft for kids.

The parts you'll need are:
  • Two 1" diameter wooden flower pots.
  • A 3/4" wooden ball.
  • Three 3/8" wooden balls with center holes.
  • A doll pin stand.
  • A 5/8" diameter wooden flower pot.
  • A 1/8" dowel.
  • Some curly chenille.
  • Some bump chenille.
  • A toothpick (optional).
  • Wood glue.
  • Just let an adult drill the few optional holes, and the rest can easily be completed by a child.

    This little fellow can be made as a stand alone decoration, or as a hanging ornament for your Christmas Tree.

    Amazon Craft Supplies

    Amazon Craft Supplies

    Making Little Santa's Body

    To make little Santa's body, glue the two large flower pots together, as shown in the picture above. The wide portions glued together will make Santa's belt.

    Next, glue the body assembly to the doll pin stand -- the doll pin stand will be the base.

    Glue the wooden ball on top of Santa's body for a head.

    Cut 1" lengths from the 1/8" dowel for arms.

    Glue a small wooden ball to each dowel for Santa's mittens.

    You can glue the arms directly to the body, but what works better is to drill small holes near the ends of the arms and near the top of the body. Then glue toothpicks into the body holes, and slide on and glue the arms to the toothpicks. Cut off the unwanted length of toothpick on each side.

    Making Santa's Hat, and Painting Santa

    At left in the above picture you can see little Santa's hat. It's one of the small balls glued to the small flower pot.

    If you wish to make this a hanging ornament, be sure to line up the hole in the ball with that of the flower pot.

    Next, paint your Santa. Use a flesh tone for the head, red for the top and bottom, and black for the base, belt, and mittens.

    It's easiest to draw the face with a fine-point felt tip pen. A little white and red paint finish the face.

    Finishing the Little Santa Ornament

    If you wish to make a hanging ornament, string ends of a length of twine through the top of the hat, tie a knot, glue and pull taught to glue the knot to the inside of the hat.

    Glue the hat onto little Santa's head.

    A painted vertical black line helps define the legs.

    Use some lengths of bump chenille to make trim around Santa's feet, mittens, and belt.

    You can also glue a length of bump chenille vertically to the front of Santa's coat.

    Glue a strip of curly chenille to Santa's head, running from the hat on both sides and down below the face for Santa's beard.

    Now you have a handsome Santa, ready to stand tall (well, 4" tall anyway) or hang from your Christmas tree.