How To Make A Scarecrow and Pumpkins

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Make This Simple Craft Halloween Scarecrow Decoration

What fall holiday season is complete without a quaint scarecrow standing in the garden?

This holiday craft project will show you how to make a miniature scarecrow complete with pumpkins. He's not very effective as you'll see, in that the crows don't seem very afraid.

Supplies for Making a Miniature Scarecrow

Pictured are the supplies you'll need to make a miniature scarecrow like that in the inset.

The supply list is as follows:
  • Some twine.
  • A 1" wooden ball.
  • A 1" diameter cork stopper.
  • Three 1/2" diameter cork stoppers.
  • A toothpick.
  • A 2" diameter straw hat.
  • A pair of wiggle eyes.
  • A piece of cloth to make a bandanna.
  • Some sequins or beads (optional).
  • A small plastic crow (optional). Any small bird painted black will do.

  • Making the Scarecrow's Body

    As you can see in the photo above, the main component of the scarecrow's body is an inverted, large cork.

    Glue the wooden ball onto the cork for a head (painted a pumpkin color in this example).

    Push the toothpick through the upper part of the cork for arm support.

    Slice one of the small corks lengthwise and glue to the toothpick as shown.

    Glue the other two small corks on the bottom as legs.

    Finishing the Scarecrow

    Here you see a finished scarecrow.

    Twine is used creatively to give a tattered, field look.

    Twine lengths are glued to the ends of the toothpick to finish the arms.

    Twine lengths are glued to the legs.

    Twine lengths are glued to the head and under the hat for scarecrow hair.

    The hat is glued on.

    A face is drawn on with a fine-point felt tip pen, and a smidgen of yellow paint for a nose.

    The wiggle eyes are glued on.

    The small piece of cloth is tied on as a bandanna.

    A sequin is glued on to dress up the scarecrow.

    And as a final insult, a plastic crow is perched on the happy scarecrow's arm.

    Scarecrow in Pose

    With a little imagination, you can have fun with your scarecrow.

    Above is an example. Using a 3" wooden heart as a base, I've placed the scarecrow next to the garden fence, in the pumpkin patch.

    Wooden balls are painted up as pumpkins, with a little twine thrown in to look like old plant stalks.

    The pumpkins are decorated with a couple of green beads and a bit of green glittery pipe cleaner.

    A small section of craft fence with another perched crow finish the scene.