Golden Wing Valentine's Day

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Make This Golden Winged Angel Woodcraft

Here's another charming little Valentine's Day angel. This holiday craft shines with golden wings.

The little angel's base is a valentine heart, and it holds another small valentine with a shiny sequin. You can substitute a birthstone colored sequin for that special person.

Supplies for Golden Wing Little Angel

Here's another little Valentine's Day angel that's an easy child craft. This holiday craft angel has golden wings instead of heart-shaped wings. The image shows the parts needed to make the angel shown in the inset.

The Parts You'll Need:
  • Curly Doll Hair
  • Golden chenille stem
  • A sequin
  • A doll pin
  • A 1 1/2" wide wooden heart
  • A 1" wide wooden heart
  • A golden wing from the craft store
  • The construction supplies you'll need are glue, paint, and a fine-point felt tip pen.

    Amazon Craft Supplies

    Amazon Craft Supplies

    Making the Golden Wing Little Angel

    The most difficult part of making this holiday craft angel is cutting the legs off of a doll pin. The top part of a doll pin is used for the little angel body.

    If you built the wishing well project, you'll have a number of these doll pin parts left over, and they make perfect angel bodies.

    Glue the doll pin body to the large wooden heart as shown.

    Glue the small heart to the side of the doll pin body.

    Next, paint the little angel the colors you desire.

    When the paint is dry, glue the angel wings onto the back of the little angel.

    When that is dry, draw the face with the felt tip pen.

    Now glue on the hair. This is best done by cutting the hair into various lengths, and overlapping them as you glue.

    Bend a 2" piece of the golden chenille stem into a circle and glue onto the head for an angel halo.

    Add the sequin to center of the small heart.

    To protect furniture, you can glue felt to the bottom of the base.

    Now you have a beautiful golden-winged Valentine's Day angel for your very own. You can also make the day for someone else by giving the little angel to your Valentine.