How To Make A Wooden Heart Valentine's Day Angel

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Make This Winged Woodcraft Angel

What better signifies Valentine's Day than a holiday craft angel with Valentine's Day hearts aplenty? Here's a little angel composed primarily of wood, and easy to construct.

The angel base is a valentine, as well as the angel wings. The cute little angel even holds a small valentine heart with a decorative sequin. You'll enjoy making this easy holiday craft, and it will also give joy as a Valentine's Day gift.

Parts and Supplies for Heart Angel

This little Valentine's Day angel is an extremely simple to make holiday craft. Pictured are the few parts you will need to make the pretty angel shown in the inset.

What You'll Need:
  • A 1" diameter wooden flower pot
  • A 1" wide wooden heart
  • Two 2" wide wooden hearts
  • A 1/2" diameter wooden ball
  • A sequin
  • A string of fused pearls
  • Some curly doll hair
  • Construction supplies you'll need are glue, paint, and a fine-point felt tip pen. If you want the textured looking angel wings shown in the example, you'll also need decorative snow paste, and glitter.

    Creating Your Little Angel Figurine

    Assemble the body of the Valentine's Day angel first. To do this, glue the inverted flower pot onto one of the large wooden hearts.

    Then glue the wooden ball on top of the inverted flower pot to make the craft angel's head.

    Next, glue the other large wooden heart to the side of the flower pot. This will become the wings on the back of the angel.

    Finally, glue the small heart onto the "front" side of the flower pot as shown.

    Next, paint the base, angel, and wings. I use a flesh colored paint for the angel head.

    To put a face on the little angel, use the fine-point felt tip pen.

    If you want textured wings, apply the decorative snow paste to the wings.

    If you wish, you can add glitter to the wings.

    Once the paint and snow paste are dry, apply the curly doll hair. This is best done by cutting the hair into various lengths, and overlapping them during application.

    When the hair glue is dry, apply the beaded halo.

    You can also apply a string of pearls around the base of the angel.

    A sequin glued to the center of the small heart finishes off the little Valentine's Day angel.

    You can glue felt on the bottom of the heart base to keep the little angel from scratching any furniture.