How to Make a Wood Craft Snowman Christmas Ornament

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Make This Cute Snowman Tree Ornament

Winter isn't complete without a snowman. Then again, depending upon where you live, you might not get enough snow to make a snowman.

Here's a wood craft snowman you can make for the Holiday Season, and you can use it as an attractive hanging ornament for your Christmas Tree.

Christmas Ornament Snowman Supplies

Wood Craft Snowman Ornament Supplies

The image above shows the simple supplies you'll need to create the decorative snowman in the inset.

Don't you think the snowman would help create the Christmas spirit in your household? It's a great craft for kids, so lets get started.

What you need to make a Christmas Snowman Ornament
  • A 1 1/4 inch diameter wood ball
  • A 1 inch diameter wood ball
  • A 3/4 inch diameter wood ball
  • A doll pin stand
  • A plastic black-top hat 1/2 inch diameter at the top
  • Four black 1/4 inch pom pons
  • A golden chenille stem
  • A six inch length of twine or ribbon (not shown)
  • Delta Snow or snow paint
  • If you aren't able to find a hat, glue a 1/2 inch flower pot (inverted) to a circular wood shape. The wood shape makes the hat brim.

    Then trim out some of the center of the circular wood shape with a craft knife so the constructed hat will sit on the snowman's head.

    Amazon Craft Supplies

    Amazon Craft Supplies

    Wood Craft Snowman Body

    Making the Christmas Snowman's Body

    The wood craft snowman's body is just a stack of the wood balls glued to the doll pin stand.

    Put the largest ball on the bottom and the smallest ball on top.

    When the balls are all glued, give them a coat of white paint.

    Drill a hole through the middle of the center ball as shown

    Wood Craft Snowman with Snow Covering

    Add Snow to the Snowman

    You can put a toothpick through the hole you drilled to keep the snow coating of the following steps from covering it up.

    Once the base coat of paint is dry, coat the snowman with Delta Snow or snow paint. This gives it the snow texture.

    Drill a hole through the middle of the center wood ball. The arms, made from the chenille stem, will go through this hole.

    Finished Holiday Craft Snowman

    Finish the Holiday Craft Snowman Ornament

    If the hat doesn't have a hole through the top, drill one.

    Make a loop of ribbon or twine and tie off with a knot.

    Thread the loop through the hole in the hat and glue the knot inside the hat.

    Glue the hat on the Snowman's head. This will allow the snowman to be hanged on your Christmas tree as an ornament.

    Thread the gold chenille stem through the hole in the center wood ball. Cut off to length, and add some fingers made from the chenille stem.

    Paint on a snowman face with a small brush or toothpick.

    Add the pom pons down the front and you have a cheerful snowman ready to brighten up your holidays.