How To Make A Hanging Halloween Spider

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Dress Up Your Halloween Party With This Scary Halloween Spider

If you want a memorable Halloween, you want scary (but harmless) decorations to set the mood. The hanging, ominous looking craft spider detailed on this web page fits the bill, and is easy and fun to make besides. With only a bit of supervision, your kids can have great fun making the craft project of this spooky apparition.

Spider Making Supplies

As you can see by the image above, the crafting supplies for making the vary scary looking spider shown in the inset are few and simple.

All you'll need for one Halloween spider are the following:
  • One 1 1/2" diameter styrofoam ball.
  • One 2" diameter sytrofoam ball.
  • Some black bump chenille.
  • Two toothpicks.
  • Some craft wiggle eyes. Two about 1/4" diameter, and three smaller.
  • If you do quite a bit of crafting, it's best to buy these kind of supplies in packages to make the crafts inexpensive to create.

    Amazon Craft Supplies

    Amazon Craft Supplies

    Making the Spider's Body

    The first step in making the craft spider's body is to cut the styrofoam balls in half.

    Then put glue on the ends of a toothpick and push it into the balls just above the flat portions. Continue to push until the balls are flush with one another, both having the flat portion on the same side (the bottom of the spider).

    Paint the spider body black. The paint on styrofoam takes quite awhile to dry.

    To make hairy, scary legs for the holiday spider, cut of lengths of black bump chenille as shown in the illustration.

    Finishing the Halloween Spider

    Put some glue on one end of the bump chenille legs, and insert them in pairs into the side of the smaller styrofoam ball. Two legs can be inserted into the same hole, and bent to position.

    Glue on the wiggle eyes. I used the two large ones on the front of the spider's head, and three smaller ones across the back of the head.

    To make the hanging loop, cut length of string or ribbon twice the length you wish the spider to hang.

    Make a loop with this string (or ribbon). Make a hole with the toothpick into the front side of the larger half-ball, at the position shown.

    Put glue on the loop ends and on the end of the toothpick, push the ends into the hole with the toothpick, and cut off the toothpick flush with the styrofoam ball. When the glue dries, this will hold the weight of the very light spider.

    Now hang your spider where ever you wish to make your Halloween scene. You may want to make several.