How To Make Wood Craft Thanksgiving Turkeys

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Make A Thanksgivng Day Turkey To Dress Up The Table

In no time, Thanksgiving will be here. In addition to planning a big meal, you may want to look at making the cute wood-craft Thanksgiving turkeys described below.

They can be used to decorate the table for the gala occasion, and they're fun for you and your children to craft to boot.

Supplies for Wood Craft Thanksgiving Turkeys

Pictured above are the supplies used to make three different sized wood-craft turkeys like that in the inset:

What You'll Need:
  • 5/8", 3/4", and 1" wooden balls.
  • 5/8", 3/4", and 1" diameter candle cups.
  • Two 5/8" diameter wooden flower pots.
  • A 4" diameter wooden flower pot.
  • Three 1" diameter wooden circles.
  • A dozen 1 1/2" long wooden flower petals or ovals.
  • A dozen 1 3/4" long wooden flower petals or ovals.
  • A dozen 2" long wooden flower petals or ovals.
  • Assorted sequins for the tail feathers (optional)
  • Virtually all of the parts for making wood-craft Thanksgiving turkeys are small wood parts. Make use of the handy shapes in a wood shapes assortment.

    Making the Turkey Body

    The image above shows how to make the turkey body and tail feathers.

    First glue a layer of evenly spaced wooden flower petals (or ovals) to a wooden circle, covering just over 180 degrees. Use the smaller petal sizes for the small turkeys, large for the big turkeys, etc.

    When the glue is dry, add another layer of wooden flower petals, spaced to fall between the petals of the first layer.

    While this is drying, glue the head (wooden ball) to the inverted candle cup. Use the small head for the small cup, etc.

    When the head glue is dry, glue the tail section onto the candle cup and ball as shown.

    Finishing the Thanksgiving Turkeys

    Shown in the above picture are three different sized turkeys, each with their own particular style.

    On each turkey's head was glued an inverted flower pot to make a hat.

    In this example, sequins (optional) were glued to the tail feathers.

    Each Thanksgiving turkey was painted, then glitter paint was added to the tail feathers.

    A ribbon was tied around each turkey's neck (optional) as an added embellishment.

    These happy little turkeys can be used in many ways. As shown, they make fine additions to a Thanksgiving dinner table.

    They could have name tags placed on the back and be used as placement identifiers.

    They could have napkin rings glued to the back and be used as napkin holders.

    They could be attached to a small base with an accompanying candle holder for holding a candle stick.

    As you see, their uses are only limited by your imagination.