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Make This Miniature Woodcraft Wishing Well

Welcome to Judy's Artwork Howto. Illustrated in this section are some fun to make wood craft projects.

These are simple wood projects, and great kid crafts. Some have a number of steps in the construction, but each is simple.

In this section of my craft website you'll find many types of wood crafts, from a wishing well to a dollhouse to dollhouse furniture, and even how to make your own wood craft doll.

The miniature wishing well craft is the most detailed, but if you move step at a time, you'll easily end up with a fine wood craft wishing well.

For my wood crafts, I use general wood products like balsa wood panels, dowels, chenille, glue (I like Aleene's 8 oz. Original Tacky Glue ), craft foam board, and wood shape assortments. If you enjoy wood crafts and have never purchased a few wood shape assortments, I urge you to do so.

Within the assortments you'll find all manner of wood shapes cut from thin sheets. Things like flower petals, circles, polygons, heart shapes, etc. Whenever I get an idea, I sift through the shapes to get further inspiration, and it works every time. If I need to make tail feathers, feet, table tops, or all manner of things, there's usually something in the assortments that will serve nicely for at least some of my project.

You can find assortments of wood shapes, dowels, and most other craft materials used in these projects conveniently at Betchalikeit Craft Store.

I also use wood blocks and wooden balls of all sizes. It's often handy to use wood balls that have center holes, but if you have a drill or dremel tool you can put holes in balls that don't have them.

Amazon Craft Supplies

Amazon Craft Supplies

I'll show you each step of construction of each craft in detail, so if you're ready to get started, select a craft from the list below or click on Next below.

Wishing Well
Wishing Well
The Well Base
Adding the Posts
Making the Roof
Adding the Shingles
Completing the Well

Wood Craft Gazebo & More
Miniature Gazebo

Commemorative Plaque
Wood Craft Plaque

Wood Craft Toys
Miniature Car
Miniature Doll

Dollhouse Cottage
Dollhouse Details

Miniature Furniture
Miniature Table
Miniature Chair
Miniature Cube Chair
Miniature Dresser
Miniature Bed
Foam Board Bed
Miniature Love Seat
Miniature Coffee Table

My Craft Book
Judys Easy Craft Projects


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