Miniature Wood Craft Wishing Well - Making The Base

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Starting Construction of the Craft Well Base

The image above shows how to begin construction of the main part of the miniature wishing well, the base.

One of the 1/4" thick balsa wood squares is used for the bottom, and the other four squares are glued around the bottom. Since all squares are the same size, this will result in the corners of the side pieces leaving exposed edges.

The four short 1/4" square posts are used to perfectly fill in the corners as shown in the illustration. Notice the post at the left of the image.

Completing the Well Base

The figure above shows how the completed craft wishing well base appears when completely assembled.

You can just see the square panel that makes the bottom.

You can see how the other 4 square panels make up the sides, and how the 1/4" posts finish the corners.

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