Wood Craft Wishing Well - The Completed Project

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Final Touches to the Wishing Well

The wood craft wishing well may be finished however you desire. The balsa wood pieces can be stained to give a natural look, for example.

In this case, the well is painted, but the dollhouse shingles are left to look like natural wood.

Decorating the miniature wishing well is the most fun. In the image shown, plastic flowers were used to fill the well, making it into a planter.

The flower pieces used were remnants of plastic flowers purchased for their leaves, used in the ribbon flower project.

If you enjoyed this wishing well design, I'm sure you'd also like the foot tall gazebo project and another wishing well project, both available in my Miniature Gazebo And Other Wood Crafts book. Additional wood crafts are described in the book, including some endearing miniature furniture.

I have created another version of the miniature wishing well. It's a bit more involved to build, and has a base that is round. It makes heavy use of doll pins for the construction. You can purchase these plans in a craft booklet that also has a few other wood craft project plans at Wood Crafting Book

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