Wood Craft Wishing Well - Constructing the Roof Posts

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Making the Roof Supports

The miniature wishing well roof, shown later, will sit on the two 3 3/8" long square balsa wood posts. It will use the same type of materials used to make dollhouse roofs.

To prepare them for supporting the balsa wood roof, cut the ends at a 45 degree bevel as shown in the above illustration.

Adding the Wishing Well Posts

Once the glue on the miniature wishing well is dry and the roof support members are cut, it's time to add the posts that will support the roof for the craft well.

First, make a mark at the center of two opposing sides of the balsa wood base. Mark the center at both the top and the bottom of the base.

Then glue the 6" long posts on both sides, centered on the marks.

When the posts are secure, glue the two 3 3/8" long roof supports across the top of the tall posts. Be sure they are centered, have the bevels facing upward, and sit level.

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Amazon Craft Supplies

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