Wood Craft Wishing Well - Adding the Shingles

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Attaching the Roof to the Miniature Wishing Well

When the wood carft wishing well roof assembly glue is dry, attach the balsa wood roof to the roof supports.

Put glue on the beveled edges of the roof supports, and place the roof onto the supports as shown in the illustration.

It's finally starting to look like a wishing well, no?

The Roof With Shingles

The image above shows how the finished wood craft wishing well should look.

The dollhouse shingles are easy to add.

Start on either side and lay the bottom row first. The shingles should extend about 1/8" over the ends of the roof panel, and 1/4" past the bottom edge.

Place the next row of dollhouse shingles with the seams of the second row offset from the seams of the first row. Make sure the second row overlaps the first row a 1/4 inch or so.

Lay the final row in the same manner, again offsetting the seams. Let the shingles bump against the dowel running along the peak.

Now do the same on the other roof panel.

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Amazon Craft Supplies

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