How To Make A Holloween Witch Holiday Craft

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Brighten Up Your Halloween Decorations With A Craft Halloween Witch

Enjoy Halloween when it comes around again. If you're one who enjoys the innocent fun of the holiday, you're probably already getting prepared.

This page will show you how to make a miniature Halloween witch out of simple craft materials, endearingly cute in her ugliness, and a fine hand-made craft decoration for Halloween.

Supplies for Making a Halloween Witch

At left you see the crafting supplies needed for making a harmless and happy looking Halloween witch shown in the inset.

You'll need:
  • Some Twine.
  • Some curly doll hair.
  • A 1" diameter cork stopper.
  • Three 1/2" diameter cork stoppers.
  • A 7/8" to 1" diameter wood ball.
  • A 1/2" diameter candle cup.
  • A 3 1/2" x 1/8" dowel.
  • Two wiggle eyes.
  • A small bell (optional).
  • Two small flat wood shapes (for feet).
  • A tip-pen cap or squeeze bottle top (for a hat).
  • I get most of the wood crafting materials from packages containing assortments of wood shapes.

    Making the Witch's Body

    The main part of the craft witch's body is the large cork, big side down.

    Simply glue on the wooden ball for a head.

    For arms and legs, cut the small corks length-wise. Then glue onto the body as shown.

    Making the Witch's Hat

    The Witch's hat is made from a tip-pen cap or top from a squeeze bottle, shown in the left of the above image.

    Cut off the bottom of the base, leaving a brim for the hat.

    Cut the top off at a slant to give a point, and make a hole for a string to help secure the bell.

    Making the Witch's Broom

    The crafted witch's broom is made with the candle cup, the 1/8" dowel, and some lengths of twine. Cut the twine long enough to drape over the candle cup and extend beyond perhaps a half inch.

    Glue the candle cup to the dowel as shown in the left of the picture.

    Glue the strands of twine over the candle cup as shown in the right of the picture, letting the ends extend past the candle cup.

    Tie and glue a strand of twine around the middle of the covered candle cup.

    Finishing the Witch

    This image shows a finished miniature craft witch with broom. The steps are:

  • Glue 1" to 2" strips of curly doll hair to the head.
  • Glue on the hat.
  • Thread some twine through the bell loop, pull through the top of the hat, and glue (optional).
  • Glue the flat pieces of wood (feet) to the leg bottoms.
  • Cut tops from toothpicks and glue to the toe ends of the feet for curled toes.
  • Draw on a face with fine-point felt tip pen.
  • Glue on the squiggly eyes.
  • Glue on a nose, crooked is better. I used a small piece of styrofoam.
  • Paint according to your taste.

  • The Finished Witch - Side View

    Here's a side view of the Halloween witch, showing the crooked nose and curled up toes.

    Start with this simple design, and use your imagination. You can have a number of witches to decorate for Halloween.