Make This Spooky Woodcraft Halloween Witch

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Add This Spell-Binding Woodcraft Witch To Your Halloween Decorations

For your next Halloween party, or just for your home Halloween decorations, make this easy to construct woodcraft witch. It's fun to make, and the project makes a perfect kid craft. So get out your materials and start casting your spell.

Woodcraft Halloween Witch Crafting Materials List

Woodcraft Halloween Witch Materials

Above you see the materials you'll need to make your spooky yet endearing woodcraft Halloween witch. A completed witch is shown in the inset of the image. The parts consist of:

  • A 2 inch tall wooden flower pot.
  • A length of 1/4 inch wooden dowel.
  • A length of 3/16 inch wooden dowel.
  • A 1 inch diameter wooden ball.
  • Two 1/2 inch wooden balls or two 1/2 inch furniture buttons.
  • Two 1 1/4 inch long wooden egg halves (for feet).
  • Some AMACO Craft Porcelain, 8-3/4-Ounce, White .
  • A couple of round toothpicks.
  • Note that the dimensions of the parts in the list are approximate. You can certainly vary the size of the parts a bit to fit with the materials you may have on hand.

    Amazon Craft Supplies

    Amazon Craft Supplies

    Assembling the Spooky Witch's Body

    Woodcraft Witch Body, Arms, and Legs

    At left you see a partially assembled woodcraft witch. The body is made from the woodcraft flower pot, open-end down. The 1 inch wooden ball makes the witch's head, to which some clever prosthetics will be added.

    The arms are made from the smaller diameter dowel, each arm being cut to about 1 1/2 inches length.

    The legs are made from the larger diameter dowel, each leg being cut to about 3 inches length.

    On the bottom end of the legs, glue on the small diameter wooden balls or the furniture buttons, then add the wooden egg halves for feet.

    To mount the arms and legs to the body, drill a small hole through the wooden flowerpot body at the shoulder and hip positions. Drill the shoulder holes about 1/2 inch from the top of the body, and the hip holes just above the flare of the flowerpot. The holes should be just big enough to allow insertion of the round toothpicks.

    Then drill the same size holes near one end of each arm and each leg. Before performing the following instruction for attaching the arms, you may find it easier to paint the arms first. To attach the arms, insert the shoulder level toothpick through the body and through the arms. Glue the arms to the toothpick at the positions you desire. Trim off the excess toothpick length.

    As with the arms, you may find it easier to paint the legs before attaching them. To attach the legs, position the upper end of the legs into the flowerpot body and run a toothpick through the wooden flowerpot and through the legs. Then glue the toothpick ends to the flowerpot body. You don't have to glue the legs in position if you want them to be able to move at the hip joint. Trim off any excess toothpick length.

    Make The Witch's Hands

    Woodcraft Witch's Molded Hands

    Create the haunting woodcraft witch's hands by molding a couple pieces of the no-bake craft porcelain. The image above shows the steps taken to make the hands for our witch (only one hand shown for illustration). First make a ball about the preferred size of the witch's closed hand, then knead it into the shape of a hand. Finally, mold it around one of the arm dowels, then carefully remove the dowel and let the hand dry. Follow the same procedure for the other hand.

    You can carefully proceed with construction using the porcelain moldings within a couple of hours, but they need to dry for 24 hours to reach maximum strength. Once dry, you can glue the hands onto the arms.

    Add No-Bake Porcelain Nose And Hat

    Witch Molded Porcelain Enhancements

    To make it crystal clear that your little woodcraft figurine is in fact a witch, mold a crooked nose and witch hat with the no-bake crafting porcelain. Above you see the hat and nose created for our witch. In this example, the nose is already glued onto the wooden ball that makes the witch's head.

    Finish And Paint Your Halloween Witch

    Woodcraft Witch Pose 1
    Woodcraft Witch Pose 2

    Above you see the finished witch in a couple different poses and from a couple of different angles. Note that a few details were painted on the head to create a face, and black stripes were painted on the orange arms and legs. Add the completely different construction Halloween Witch along with other Halloween crafts from this web site to make some really cool (and scary) Halloween decorations.

    Use your imagination to add even more augmentations to your creation.

    For More Fun, Pose Your Scary Witch

    Woodcraft Halloween Witch Posing With Pot

    To have even more fun with your Halloween witch and your party decorations, browse around a craft store, or even a candy store around Halloween time and pick up a few plastic spiders, goblins, pumpkins, and maybe a craft pot or candy pot. Then place the items you like in and around the pot, and pose your spell casting witch as shown at left.

    Note that on this posing witch, some additional no-bake porcelain has been used to fashion pointed toes for the shoes, and a bit of black doll hair has been added to the head. The shiny veneer on the witch was achieved by adding a coat of Mod Podge CS11202 Original 16-Ounce Glue, Gloss Finish .

    A complete setup like the one shown makes a wonderful and unexpected Halloween gift.